I get it. Your kids are getting older, and everything is shifting.

While they still need you, they don’t need you in quite the same way.

You’re probably sensing that all your relationships are changing in small and big ways – with your kids, your husband, parents, friends, the list goes on and on.

You may be wondering, if only to yourself, what’s next for you.

You may be feeling stagnant, stuck, uninspired – you’ve been so caught up in the busyness of life, that you’ve lost track of what you really want.

This new season needs a new set of skills.

I will help you:

I'd love to work with you!

We will discuss the changes you’re facing in your life, identify the needs you want to address, and how I can come alongside you to support you as you learn the needed skills to not just survive, but THRIVE.

I work with clients in one of three ways:

My individualized one-on-one coaching program designed to support you and teach you the skills needed for the three large areas of change during this time:

My coaching membership THRIVE which is designed to give you personalized support in an online coaching format. In THRIVE we focus on:

Aptitude testing to objectively discover your natural abilities and talents.

This is an entirely strengths-based, objective process (you’re not answering questions about yourself, but completing games & challenges). The benefits of this process are huge – my clients routinely experience:


Jenny was so affirming! And challenging at the same time. I would absolutely recommend working with Jenny.

Working with Jenny was awesome. Jenny is very passionate and talented at what she does. I genuinely felt special and cared about during our time together!

Jenny is excellent at what she does. She connects well and truly cares about her clients.

I really appreciate Jenny’s Christian worldview that undergirds all the discussion. Her seminary degree adds a unique level of true value.

I feel like I’m better using the gifts and talents God gave me, and it is so good. I’m just so grateful.

It was super helpful working with Jenny. It was extremely useful to talk to someone about all this who doesn’t know me- makes it easier to be extremely honest and open.

I am overjoyed about the possibilities in front of me and appreciate all Jenny did in helping focus my vision.

Jenny’s wealth of knowledge and insight made our time together more valuable than I could have imagined!

Still not sure?

You may be feeling a little hesitant because, like most moms, you’re used to putting others first – your kids, husband, parents, friends, boss, the list goes on and on.

It may feel a bit uncomfortable to invest any time and money in yourself, but you are worth it.

And your kids’ mom is worth it! You will be much more effective as a mom, and in all areas of your life, if you’re thriving as an individual.

Just like on an airplane, you have to put on your “oxygen mask” first.

If navigating the changing waters of the pre-teen, teen, and empty nest years and finding a purposeful career or area of contribution that fits with your life was as easy as talking to your friends and Googling what to do, then everyone would have it.

Just like you want to invest in your physical health, it’s important to invest in your emotional and mental health.

This new season requires a new set of skills. I’m here to show you the way.

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